Brazilian Languages PART II – Ancient Tupi and Tupinambá

Brazilian Languages PART II – Ancient Tupi and Tupinambá

For those researchers interesting only in language structure, tupinambá is the language spoken by native people of brazilian coast. However, people looking for relations between brazilian language and the social and cultural process of colonization in Brazil, Ancient Tupi must be its study.

Aryon Rodrigues, author of Língua brasileiras establish a paradigmatic classification of indigenous languages , focused at its differences of sounds and morphemes. Unlike Rodrigues, Eduardo Navarro, which his magum opus is Método moderno de Tupi Antigo, consider the diglossic dimension of people of brazilian coast and this aspect arouse the curiosity of jesuits. Namely, jesuits had the intetion to optimize catechesis with a native language.

A lot of document inform about the widespread of Ancient Tupi from the coast to São Paulo and even amazonic region. Although toponimic dimension had handled by portuguese ideologies, fauna and flora (specially in botany) are named with tupi names so far this date. Moreover, some concepts of caipira’s culture has etymological relation with Língua Geral Paulista and Nheengatu is a language that passed over Brazil’s geographical barriers. Its also spoken in Colombia and Venezuela.

Links of two mentioned books:

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