A nheengatu text translated to English

Baré people it’s an ancient population tha speaks nheengatu. Most of them lives at São Gabriel da Cachoeira, near to beaches of this city. She has a lot of sons. Dona Quintina is named as galera, cause she loves the parties of communities to stays with a lot of people.
People said that she has some sad histories about her family, but she is very happy. Dona Quintina wakes up earlier, about 5:00 am and goes at beach to maintain it clean. After, she goes to market. So, there are many people who speaks Nheengatu also another languages. When she goes to market, she speakes a lot in Nheengatu and Portuguese.

Although be old, Dona Quintina its very strong and alive. When she goes to bank, she’s grooming a lot cause old men loves her. All São Gabriel persons should be as Dona Quintina. All of them should takes care their birthplace, maintaining clean their best places to visit, as the beaches. In addition, all of them should take care their languages is speaks there, Nheengatu for example.
Dona Quintina loves people who studies Nheengatu. She wants to teach this language, thereby she knows the importance of maintain local languages and cultures. She receives many people at her home and prepare some food to them, as aruku, a common fish of São Gabriel. After, the dessert is tucumã, a common fruit which is loved by baré people. So, Dona Quintina tell them some histories, with explanations about many Nheengatu words.

Tucumã it’s so important is telling as a mythological history about the inception of night. This narrative was registered by Couto de Magalhães (Maié pituna uiukuau ana) and translated to Italian by poet Giuseppe Ungaretti (Come si fece Notte). According to bare people, there isn´t night, cause it was inside a big tucumã. Until today, baré people loves this fruit and tell this history to their parents, using Nheengatu.


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