Nheengatu beyond national frontiers

Nheengatu beyond national frontiers
Some brazilian people had moved to Colombia and Venezuela in a moment which these two countries was passing by a better economic wave. So, indigenous people, specially from Içana River, went to cities near to São Gabriel da Cachoeira: San Filipe (COL) and San Carlos del Rio Negro (VEN).  
These brazilian populations brought with them the língua geral amazônica, named as yeral. Since in spanish we say general, its claer the loan from portuguese. These baniwas and barés which came, also brought their protestant religion, different to other brazilian speakers of yeral, which had lived at urban centre of São Gabriel da Cachoeira. They are catholic and has an yeral kuximawara, with linguistics aspects closed to Ancient Tupi.
It always hard to count how many yeral speakers are abroad Brazil. But its important to consider these populations in political discussions about nheengatu language. This political dimension of language its more strong in brazilian spaces such as FOIRN (Federação das Organizações Indígenas do Rio Negro). But include Venezuelan and Colombian speakers of nheengatu in this strong space will enhance nheengatu as a language whithout national boundaries. This is what Tikuna, Kampa (Ashaninka), Baniwa and some Guarani peoples had made when to think about their writing and another language policies. As we already have known, indigenous people lives and navigates by Upper Rio Negro before the arrival of national boundaries.
Below, this video sponsored by Youtube, also by WorldCat, show to us how some Venezuelan nheengatu speakers lives:


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